So Here We Go

So Here We Go

Last week I was pontificating about how I haven’t kept up with my posts and getting distracted and how I let my part time gig slip into a whenever time gig, which morphed into a no time gig. As a result, the worst, I didn’t get to help anyone. This is one of my primary reasons that I am here. I have failed in that category.  Sooo…

What have I been doing? In January ’23,

I was introduced to a new concept of internet marketing. It was called The Affiliate Agency. In return for a fee, they would do the initial marketing, follow-up and sales. I would see the commissions from those sales.

I saw this as a perfect situation…They could do all the Marketing, Ads, Follow-up, and Sales. I would collect the commissions. All the while I could continue to develop my DMM (direct message marketing) on FB. This way I could still help marketers that felt stuck and overwhelmed with online marketing results.

With the hope of the ‘Agency’ would pick up the slack, I became lax at initiating the DMM conversations, so I got nowhere with that either. As the month’s past, not much was happening.

I let this go through the year and in October/November Dean announced another evolutionary chapter of The Agency. This time it would involve both Internet Profits and the affiliates that signed up for the New, ‘Affiliate Systems.’

Together with Dean Holland we are going to learn this new complete, all-in -one system that combines all the necessary tools in one place to conduct our online business. No more switching between autoresponders, page builders, funnels builders or word press sites. This is one-stop-shop for all the tools need to develop your online business. The new leads would be accessible to us and we will be able to directly communicate with them so they can get to Know, Like and Trust us.

Right now, we are in the first weeks of training, and we are learning how to use it along with our mentor Dean Holland. Till now it has been mostly learning how to set up the new software and transfer our blogs, web sites and servers. Setting up emails and forwarding preferences.  Becoming compliant for the new DMARC regulations.

These are weekly live lessons. Taking one step at a time. Dean has been video taping all the training, so we can review past lessons if we have difficulty understanding. My suspicion is, Dean Holland, will make in these training lessons available when this New Affiliate Systems becomes available for us to market to out list.

I have a renewed excitement about this. I have become interested again about helping those that want and need help. This new Affiliate System is making our job so easy. We just have to put in the WORK to MAKE it WORK. This only a tool, only the fuel in the car. If we don’t use it or don’t turn the key to start the engine. We will go nowhere.

It is my hope, I will be able to help others by showing that you don’t need to be gifted. You don’t need to be highly educated. You don’t need to be experienced. You just need to have a purpose, a desire to help, a craving to better your own life by first showing it is possible. Then help those that want it. You do need skills, and they can be learned. That is what this new Affiliate system is all about.

Going forward, I want to bring you along to let you what I am learning and confirm this is all worth your time and effort.

As always, thanks for stopping by, leave a comment, Like it on FB. Let me know how you feel.

To A new year and a new beginning.


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11 thoughts on “So Here We Go”

    1. Thank you Katrin, For your kind words and insight. This is a long journey and so much to learn. With the leadership we have, I’m sure we’ll get through it.

  1. Lenny, Life tends to get in the way sometimes, but you are back on the horse now and with a stronger desire than you had before. Keep up the good work and continue ahead… It’s not a race, it’s a JOURNEY!
    David recently posted…Got Value? 👀My Profile

    1. Hi David, Thanks for your support. Sometimes getting back on the horse seems to be harder each time. Hoping this will be the last time. Keep on blogging!

  2. Thank you Lenny,
    Affiliate Marketing is a real business and like any online digital businesses, we need the right tools to make it works properly. The fact you find a system that combines all these tools is awesome! Imagine the time you save avoiding to jump from one app to the other. Without saying the many compatibility issues one gets to make all these separate tools and app work together. So nice you climbed on the Affiliate System’s boat!
    Martin Lefebvre recently posted…Challenge the Learning Curve and Put Time on Your SideMy Profile

  3. Thank you for your honesty. There’s a lot to learn and it seems like you have accomplished a lot. So let’s not forget to celebrate what you’ve done so far. It’s a marathon, not a race.

    1. Hi Lim,
      great post and appreciate your transparency and honesty. Affiliate marketing is quite a journey, but so glad you are excited about it and working at it again! You remembered why you’re doing this and it empowers you to keep going. All the best and look forward to your next posts.
      Denny Medeiros recently posted…Building Relationship Through Email 👋My Profile