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My Name is Lenny Boucher. I am ‘retired’. However I’m still in pursuit of a better more comfortable life that my wife and I have talked about for years. Which brings me to how I came to create this blog.

I found out that I along with thousands if not millions of people who have worked for their whole lives, and have ended up with nothing to show for it. This fact has caused a bunch of us to commiserate as to what are we going to do about our retirement years. I hate that term, it seems so final… let’s call it ‘withdrawal from our career’ or ‘relinquishing the grasp of employment’. The official definition is “withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life”.  Awe never mind leave it as retirement years.

If you got money, you got no worries to write home about. You just have to learn to manage it well or better. For the rest of us that don’t have enough, we’ll need to learn how to make more and save it so we will. Time is of the essence for us, because we didn’t start way back when. So this brings me back to why I’m here.

The blog is for both of us. I’m going to tell my story, The Good ,The Bad, The Ugly. The fails, gains and the lessons. Why? So you and I can benefit from it and maybe I’ll inspire someone to do the same or cause someone to seriously take action to start building their dream life. It could be having side gig, an online business, or putting more dollars away. The key is doing something about it, taking action.

Join me in my journey to help all that want it.

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Thanks, Lenny