Stuck And Found My Way

To all you bloggers out there, I want to make it clear that I haven’t made a dime writing blogs. But I do want you to understand that this is why I do this, in the hope that I can help myself while helping you.

I thought that I was the only one with this issue of getting the traction needed to make a buck. I found how wrong I was…I have lots of company here and you need to know you are not the only person suffering in the blogging limbo. If you are into online marketing and working at getting your business up and running, this is for you.

Let me continue.

As I am working hard at bettering my blogging skills. I also sit here and wonder where is the money coming from. The reality is it won’t be coming by merely writing blogs. At least not in the short term.

Why? Because, No one knows I’m here. I’ve  got no one listening to what I’m saying, doing, or going through. I have learned that I have to create the traffic I need for others to follow.

How is that done, one might ask?

Since I chose to use social media as my primary platform, it seems I have to inform social media where I am and what I am doing. I must be posting on my FB page as well as commenting on other’s FB pages. I have joined some groups as a start to find others that are like minded and having the same problems and pain points as me. It’s like a hang-out place to commiserate.

But I need to be careful and remind myself I am in this group to become known and liked and trusted, not to join the fray in commiseration. A rabbit hole not to be followed.

I want to offer my insights and experiences and not be the expert. BC, first, I’m not, and  2nd, that would turn most people off, coming from a stranger, new to the group. I want to give, what I believe to be, helpful insights to those who can identify with what is going on in my journey as well as learning about theirs.

Through this type of socializing, I can invite some of these people to my blog so they can to better know who I am, while at the same time growing my FB audience and email list.

Next step is to generate sales, which hasn’t been covered in the Affiliate System’s Beginners Advantage training yet. This is to be covered in subsequent sessions soon.

Of course with all the focus on Facebook, I can also apply this strategy on TicTok or Instagram, YouTube or any of the numerous social platforms out there. Just having the blog is not going to make me any money, EVER. It is the only vehicle to bring an audience to and see what I have to offer in terms of my journey and to let them know they can learn from being here.

Ultimately, I can be offering the products that helped me along in the process of this journey, starting with the very basics education of online marketing to advanced mentorships that will teach me to scale my business and income.

If this is of any interest to you, I mean starting with the basics, You can Start Here for nothing, finding out why your online business is not going as you planned. This is where it began for me because I was stuck and didn’t know why, (long story).

I found a new beginning after I learned what was deathly wrong with what I thought was the truth.

You should Go HERE to find the truth.

Let’s do this Together, Share, Comment, and Like,


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