Is Affiliate Systems Blog Centric?

There have been grumblings among the faithful about…

Affiliate Systems training being Blog Centric.

Lets be clear. If that is what you think this is, than you have missed what this platform is truly about. Affiliate Systems is for creating and helping with the processes you need to have with an online business and is not for blogs only. Blogs are used in the training to help you navigate the landscape inside the platform. The benefit is that we need this to improve that skill anyway. The transition has been made easy and has helped me get off the ground to renew my efforts.

If you need to have and create lead magnets, web pages, track your business, forms, funnels, payments, list creation, work flows, trigger links, email list building, client lists, automations, marketing, a few of which I have used, all in one place, then this is what you need to have. And these are only a few of it’s capabilities.

Just like any other tool in your bag, you have to use it to get the job done. It won’t do it for you. It needs input from you to make it work. If you don’t see that…you’re missing what its potential can be to help with your traffic/list building efforts.

While learning this new platform, my wheels started to turn and I have created a Lead magnet campaign using the Affiliate Systems system. While at the same time writing this blog.  Creating this myself and using the tools provided by Affiliate Systems was surprisingly easy to set up.

Making the funnel with an Optin Page, a Thankyou Page, a Pop-up form, and finally a Download Page was not that difficult and TBH, quite fun to do. The challenges were not insurmountable. It did require some review of what was taught earlier in the training, though. I found it was all adaptable to what I wanted to accomplish in the new Funnel.

If this is the work part, then I’m motivated to do more. I like that feeling you get when it all comes together and the Funnel Flow works as intended.

Now that the funnel is complete, it’s time to setup an ad / or lead ad in Facebook.

I haven’t done one in quite a while and I was terrified to attempt it again. In the past, the experience wasn’t, well, good, to say the least…it was a total failure. I was kinda got kicked out for numerous violations because I didn’t understand what I was doing. So, I went in with my tail between my legs and moved forward.

I opened up my Ad Manager and did some noodling around to get my bearings and found things have changed. Now it’s pretty straight forward and self- explanatory. Simplified I guess.

Next, I did some practice copy to get the wording correct and sampled a few headlines and sub-headlines that I thought would be attractive or distractive for Facebook. Cause your job is to stop the scroll on their feed pages. Right?

Entering the settings and information was a cake walk. The audience selection was a bit more challenging and required me to really think about who needs the help I want to provide with the lead magnet.

With all that done, I pushed Publish and wait for the “approval.” Took about 5 minutes to get the email…Your approved it said. Whoa! That never happens first time. I’ll take the win.

Ok, so now I’m pumped. This first ad was just a regular ad going straight to the optin page to capture the email address and then triggering the Work Flow to begin the email sequence.

With this new confidence, I decided to attempt another ad. This time using the Lead Ad form from Facebook.

This will be the same ad as the first but include the FB form. Before Affiliate Systems I would have had to pay a third party such as Zapier to integrate the form with my autoresponder. Not so now, Affiliate Systems does this for me. Oh ya, what a convenience and a money saver.

What I did was clone the first ad and added the integration into Affiliate Systems and Facebook. BOOM all done. It was that simple.

If I was to do this with other platforms, I would be lost and feel overwhelmed and maybe quit. There would have been too many outside venders and hoops to jump through.

These past few weeks I have been learning as I go. Doing the tasks that will get results. Yes, I do blogs and in the beginning I hated doing them. But as I move forward, I have learned the importance of them and I have gotten better at writing. I have learned to adapt these lessons to create my lead magnet, and that folks, is what this is all about.

Having your “work shop” tools all  in one place to get your business done is a life saver. Its time has come, I feel that soon Affiliate Systems will be the Premier platform for anyone in the MMO (Make Money Online) space.

I can’t wait to be able to offer this to my List. To that end is the reason I/We are in training for that moment. Build your list and hone your skills, to be ready when the opportunity flood gates open.

Keep an eye out, It will be soon.

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BTW, The ads are doing well. In five days I have 19 optins. That’s a win for me.

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6 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Systems Blog Centric?”

  1. Haha! I witnessed some of those rumblings about the blog centricity within Affiliate Systems.

    That is a magnificent list of a few things Affiliate System is capable of.

    “Work Shop” tools indeed! To be honest I’ve never encountered such a work shop of tools under the one roof as I do with Affiliate Systems. But now that I’m aware of it – afer looking under the hood of a shiny object – I know of someone else using it.

    Way ta go on the optins from your ads!
    Robert Klein recently posted…Off The Cuff with Meta Lead AdsMy Profile

    1. Hey Robert,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I believe this Affiliate System platform will certainly become THE go to platform. Today I was listening to Dean in AS Week 12 and he revealed that in 12 weeks or so Affiliate Systems will become an affiliate offer. The day is now here to prepare for the release. I’m going to practice up and be ready to promote it.

      See you at the top,

  2. Great post Lenny,
    I am also amazed by how easy the Affiliate System is to operate.
    Blog is a vital point of our system, hence Dean spent so much time on it. It was probably the most time-consuming to set it up correctly. With FB or TikTok it is a lot easier to get started.
    Congratulations on your signups. Can you share what is your cost per click, as I am also considering paid advertising.
    Speak soon.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your comment. I was similarly impressed at how easy it was to adapt to from BuilderAll. Soon I’ll be able to shut down Aweber, BuilderAll and ClickFunnels. I have kept these for a resource to transfer my content to AS.
      For sure Dean has given an inordinate amount of effort and time to ensure we succeed and understand how to get there.
      The blog issue is not one for me. I consider it a resource that others can follow and identify with my experiences. They will see that they are not alone and it can help them believe online success can be a reality.
      My two ads have a CPC average of $2.50. I know its high, but hoping it will come down after the first thirty days. I’ll do some tweeking and see what happens. It’ funny that of the two ads one has a FB lead form and they other has an optin on the website, The optin on the squeeze page is in the lead right now.

      See you at the top,

  3. Lenny,
    I totally can relate! Juggling different platforms for lead magnets, email capture, and storage can be quite the hassle. But I’m thrilled to say that the Affiliate System seems like the ultimate solution Having everything streamlined in one spot is a total game-changer. And kudos to you for getting your lead ad set up on Facebook! Nice job! .
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…Videos: Just Do It!My Profile

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Since I have been on AS, it been easier and much more fun to create my funnels.
      Still waffling on videos though.