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…to create traffic.

Hello again.

Last week Dean was saying how we set ourselves up for failure. For sure I am guilty. I am great at putting things off and not prioritizing the important things to do.

But that didn’t come from me. I was made aware of it and was chastised by my mentor Dean Holland and my lovely wife that keeps me on the straight and narrow. I think I got the message.

Anyway, in Week 10 Dean went over getting noticed online. Namely, video content and your fear of it. There are all kinds of different people on the interwebs, not one of them are like me. In fact, that is a blessing. I couldn’t deal with someone like myself.

As humans, though, we are afraid of anything that is new and unknown. That’s why making video content is daunting for me as a first timer. I get afraid I don’t look right, I’m not photo friendly or what others may think or judge me. Will I ever make a video? Not sure. But after listening to Dean on this subject, it made sense to at least try it and don’t pre-judge yourself.

The value of your asset/blog/video/ is important for others to see. Problem is, no one knows your there. You need to attract attention. You need to create traffic to drive people to your offers. That’s what this is all about. Without any of this there is no business to make money with.

Putting yourself out there is the key element to getting noticed. Does it have to be full face video, no. You can do faceless video. It is a thing. As long as you post something of value or intriguing go get the attention and get your message across to help your audience make the decision to know, like, and trust you. When that happens, you make money.

If your familiar with how movies are made, or how stories are written they all have the same basic formula, with some variations.

  • The Hook – Issues, interesting characters
  • The Buildup -setting up, or discover a problem
  • The delivery – events to find a solution
  • The Call To Action – how the problem is solved

Including these elements in your video, ad or blog will go a long way to creating attention and traffic. You don’t need to put all these elements into one post. You can use them to create a continuous story or chapters to an ending that will bring folks to your website and offer.

There was so much more discussed in this week episode, too much to write here. But I know one thing, if I listen and learn to Dean in these trainings. There is no way to fail.

He said it this way, coming from his own failures, and seeing how he has succeeded.

“They key to video success or getting attention to your marketing efforts is kinda obvious. Practice, Practice, Practice… Learn and develop your knowledge, understanding, and ability… Doing the “reps”.

Last word.

If you don’t think this is the ultimate training (Beginners Advantage) and the ultimate Platform (Affiliate System) to be on, then you’re missing out. This is by far the most complete affiliate systems software and affiliate support you can get. No one has this yet, its not available to the general public. Only select few have been able to train and experience its capabilities.

This is why I want you to follow how I progress through the training and watch how I learn to use the skills taught inside to bring my life to a better place.

Just look at what has been taught already. Below is a list of the topics taught. And we have another 6-8 weeks to go.

WEEK 1: Unlock Your Advantage

Supplemental Videos:

1 – Purchasing Your Domain Name

2 – Create Cloudflare Account

3 – Add Domain To Cloudflare

4 – Update DNS Settings

5 – Setup WordPress Site (AKA Owned Asset)

5.2 – How To Migrate Your Existing WordPress Blog Over To Affiliate System

6 – Add Domain Name

6.2 IF APPLICABLE– If Given TXT Records Following Above


7 – Choose A Suitable Theme You Like

8 – Bonus: Watch Me Make Some Customizations On My Owned Asset

WEEK 2: Deploy Owned Asset

Supplemental Videos:

1 – Installed Classic Editors & Classic Widgets Plugins

2 – Create Contact Page

3 – Create About Page

4 – Creating Legal Pages

5 – Activate Heartbeat Control Plugin

6 – Activate Antispam Bee Plugin

7 – Activate Koko Analytics Plugin

8 – Activate Wordfence Security Plugin

9 – How To Create Blog Posts

WEEK 3: Capture

Supplemental Videos:

1 – Install And Activate The Lead Connector Plugin

2 – Connect Lead connector Plugin To Affiliate System

3 – Using The Lead Connector Plugin

4- (For Fun!) Cloning A Funnel And Playing With The Page Editor

5 – Using The Weekly “Saturday Share” Post

WEEK 4: Fan Focused Follow-Up (Part 1)

Supplemental Videos:

1 – Adding Your Email Sending Domain

2 – Creating And Adding Your DMARC Record

3 – Adding Your Email Sending Domain To The Custom Value And Workflows

WEEK 5: Fan Focused Follow-Up (Part 2)

Supplemental Videos:

1 – Publish Your Email Subscriber Management Flows

2 – Upload Lead Magnet Videos To Your Affiliate System

DOWNLOAD: Beginners Business Blueprint

DOWNLOAD: ICEBERG EFFECT Lead Magnet –  The Death of Affiliate Marketing

DOWNLOAD: How to make $3,000 – $10,000 a month

DOWNLOAD: The fastest way to go from zero to a full time income even as a     beginner

DOWNLOAD: How a beginner became a millionaire online using The Perfect Path

3 – Choose Your Lead Magnet

4.1 – Create Your List Building Funnel P1

4.2 – Create Your List Building Funnel P2

4.3 – Create Your List Building Funnel P3

4.4 – Simple Edits To Your Imported List Building Funnel

4.5 – Creating And Adding Your Opti Form

4.6 – Adding Your Optin Form To Your Optin Page

5 – Adding Your Pages To Your Domain In WordPress

6.1 – Create Tags

6.2 – Create Trigger Link

6.3 – Create Initial Optin Workflow

6.4 – Create Double Optin Confirmed Workflow                                                                     6.5 – Testing Your List Building System

7 – Adding A Path To Your List Building System On Your Blog

WEEK 6: Deep Dive Session

WEEK 7: Fan Focused Follow-Up (Part 3)

WEEK 8: Igniting P & S Traffic (Part 1)

WEEK 9: Ignite P & S Traffic (Part 2)

Supplemental Videos:

1 – Reviewing The Pre-Built LinkTree Pages

2 -Choosing And Cloning Your LinkTree Page

3 – Editing Your LinkTree Page

4 – Adding Your Links To Your Custom Values

5 – Review And Test Your LinkTree Page

6 – Adding Your LinkTree Page To Your Blog Domain Using The Lead Connector Plugin

7 – Add The Link To Your LinkTree To Wherever You Want It To Be

WEEK 10: Igniting P & S Traffic (Part 2)

This a lot by anyone’s standard.

And more to come.









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9 thoughts on “I Need The Attention…”

  1. Lenny, I can completely resonate with you about the aversion to getting videos recorded and published! I have been dragging my feet about this very thing! (In fact, I made a blog about that as well) I’m there in the boat with you.. and just like you said, it’s absolutely critical to my affiliate marketing business that it cannot be overlooked. You and me both my friend… keep pushing forward!

    1. Lauren, I’m not just another pretty face you know. LOL. Seriously though. It’s a hump I need to get over. I did a couple of videos about a year or so ago and posted them on YouTube. Didn’t go well.
      Thanks for the comment,

    1. I mentioned this to Dean last Wednesday, about creating an index. So I made up mt own and saw how complete and comprehensive the training has been. I challenge anyone to find anything close to this type of coaching. It just doesn’t exist on the interwebs…Amazing!!


  2. Nice and straight forward. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. As one of my mentors usually says better version one rather than version none. Get out your compass and learn a new direction.

    1. Scott, For sure we are. Recognizing it and moving away from it is a step to success.
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. I think all those elements should (at least usually) be in every video, but they just may not look like most people would think. For example the CTA, it’s not always going to be “but this product”, if you are building a multi-post series, it could be something like “watch the next video where I discuss …”
    Nathan recently posted…A Declaration of IntentMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nathan. It’s telling a story about your journey in chapter form. The story elements get reveal in each subsequent episode. Cool idea I think.

  4. Hi, Lenny!

    I agree with Atif. You’ve laid out what is available with the Affiliate System very well. And you’re a great advocate for Dean’s mentorship.

    We can be our own worst enemies. I came across a simple phrase this weekend that I’ve been using to propel me forward: I can and I will! I just say it a couple of times, and it helps me not to procrastinate.

    I look forward to seeing your first video!