“Another year’s over, A new one just begun.”

Hey folks, Welcome

Again, it has been quite a while since I posted here. This was not my intention. A lot has happened over the past year. And, one of them was not making money.  So many things get in your way or so you think.

I think back and when I started this side gig I’m doing. Namely, Affiliate Marketing with a goal of helping others in the retired and looking/preparing to retire niche, all the while securing my retirement future. I find there were many things I didn’t do, which reminds me of a post I read about part time gig vs full time. I read there are four stages to online gigs involving time spent actually doing “the business”.

At first, when you want to make extra money online you look for legit opportunities to help you do that. Next decision is, how much time will you spend on your new adventure.

And here it is…You find that opportunity and you go into this with wide open eyes and full of expectations. We tell ourselves we’re gonna spend as much time as we can ‘doing the business.

Well, that last about 30 days, right? With all the learning, videos, reading, courses, setting up the software, glitches, and don’t forget LIFE. It becomes apparent that its gonna take some time to deal with these stumbling blocks.

Not to worry, because stumbling blocks are steps to success. The true issue is the time you spend and there are options to consider.

One is to start your online marketing FULL TIME. This way you can hit the ground running and never have to worry about your income again. However, few do, and even fewer are not successful and drop out soon after they begin. Unless, they possess skills we may not have. They are blessed with a business acumen that surpasses our comprehension. Leaving us in awe, or sometimes discouraged. But don’t let that affect your resolve of starting a side gig online.

There is a PART TIME option, you can do this part time and still be successful. This is the most preferred way to get started with your online gig.

Part Time…an ominous word, it portends to denote a lot of misunderstood meanings. Part time is not the same as some time. It should be a specific time every day set aside to work for yourself, not when you get a-round to-it. You must treat it as a regular part time job, as it would be if you had to punch a clock. You can choose what time and day or night you want to work it. Whatever you decide you need to be consistent with your new found self employment. If you keep saying you will get to it SOME TIME, you will never Get to IT and you will fail.

Why am I saying all this? It’s because I am guilty of all the above. I have done the Full Time thing. I said, “Oh boy, now that I am retired, I can work this full time now.” That turned into a Part Time thing for about six months then I let it slip to ‘Some Time.’ The reality was that being retired I found other things to do besides working on my online business. I let my new retired life get in the way. I already knew this deep inside, but couldn’t admit it to myself. Oh, I kept in touch with the training and watching others move forward, telling myself, I’ll get going soon.

So, despite of all the new help I received and all the mentoring I did and all the learning I did this past year. I never put it into ACTION. Action…The magic word that no one wants to talk about. The missing component for anything that you are wanting to have or do.

Last year is gone and a new year arises. Time has come for me to take action. Will I stick to it this time? With help from my online friends and my mentor Dean Holland. A man that is truly committed to helping others succeed with their online endeavors. I’m sure, yes, this time it will stick.

Come along and follow as I go up and down. Wins and losses will be part of this road of adventure. And if you get stuck like I have been and want help. Let me know and we can talk about it and work at it together.

A new year is here…”lets make it a good one”. (Thanks, to JL)

As always, thanks for stopping by, leave a comment, Like it on FB. Let me know how you feel.


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