I Thought I Had To Work Forever

I was reading an article from USA Today®  and the headline went like this “Is retirement dying? The old work model is disappearing for boomers”

It goes on to say that Boomers are working longer at their jobs and well into their retirement years, a growing trend that threatens to upend the old workforce model.

These ‘Un-retired’ are doing this for different reasons. They are a generation that has discovered that they will be living longer than previous generations. They feel they will still be able to work longer to boost their savings to preserve their nest eggs. Making their lives more comfortable.

Financial needs weren’t the only culprit for the “un-retirement” trend. Other reasons, according a study by TD Ameritrade, include personal fulfillment such as staying mentally fit, preventing boredom or avoiding depression.

All these reasons are certainly valid. However, IMHO it all really comes down to one basic reason… money. Or lack thereof. This stress brings on all the other symptoms they say we suffer in when retired.

There I said it. If we had enough money, this discussion would never have happened.

Yes, I get upset about it, I think about it, I commiserate with others over it. I feel bad that anyone has to go through this.

For me, I couldn’t wait to leave my job. Being there much longer would just prolong the agony of no promotions, no raises, just nowhere to go inside the company. I had reached the plateau in my profession.

I have found that all those reasons to stay on the job, mentioned above, can be fulfilled and sustained throughout retirement. So What can we do?

First off plan. Plan now, regardless how young or old you are. If your pre-retired, say 40-55 yrs. old, approaching retirement, 55-65, or already there, 65+, grab ahold of a financial planner. Preferably one that has been recommended to by a trusted friend or relative, a co-worker. Someone you know that has benefitted from them. I’ve found that’s better than floundering on the interwebs and not really knowing what your gonna get.

Next, you need to have a ‘sit down’ with a few (three minimum) of your choices. Your first visit is usually on the house (free). By doing this you can feel out where their expertise lies and what your needs are and a plan of attack that your comfortable with.  Compare the candidates and make your choice.

Here comes the hard part. Putting all this planning into action. What you say? Trust me I know. Action is the most scary part. We all feel that way when we try to do something new or different. Writing this blog is an Action I feared and put off for a long time. But you have to understand if we don’t change what we’re doing…nothing will change and we’re right back where we started. With nothing.

You see, I heard this a long time ago. But I never listened to myself and didn’t put anything into action. Why, I guess fear and procrastination, these can be very debilitating. The result was nothing happened. No savings, no IRA, no 401. of course no pension.  I had these accounts opened, but never contributed close to enough to retire in comfort.

About two years before I retired, I started to take action. Better late than never. Right? With all this saving spiel I’ve been touting here. I thought it was about time to get going. Retirement was creeping up, time was getting short. I thought, ok, let’s take on a part time job. Pay down some bills, put some extra dough on the mortgage principal, then throw some $$ at the savings. Great plan, until that second job ran out.

I needed something different. I needed to be in control of what I did and how much I can make. I really need to be making more than that part time job, much more to meet my needs into retirement. I started thinking outside the usual box and thought how about online marketing. Affiliate Marketing was looking good.

Low start up cost, no need to warehouse product, no storefront to rent, no handling, no shipping, set my own hours, no commuting. I’m convinced. Next step was to find a company that would show me how to get started and had the right products that were there to help people like myself get what we wanted. I wanted an online business simple enough that even if you had no experience online, not great at selling, a proven system that was working. That’s asking a lot.

To tell you the truth, I went through a bunch of companies that made all the promises but never delivered. I had become discouraged about online business. I felt it was all a scam. Then I remembered… no action, no change. There were online successes out there, Amazon, Overstock, Ebay. So the concept was there. A while later I was with a friend and he told me about Dean Holland, the founder of Internet Profits. He had started his company almost ten years ago after going through the same garbage I and thousands of people have trying to make it with an online business. After much frustration and research he found out that most of us were lied to about online marketing. When he found out why very few were making it online, he wrote a book, Affiliate Marketers Playbook, that divulges the secrets why this was so. He’s offering it for Free plus a little S&H until they are gone. But I don’t think they’ll run out soon.

This book all by itself changed how I do business online. I did read it, I did it, became a Certified Partner. I have been making money. And now I won’t have to work forever. Dean has found a way to simplify it and be more profitable. This new way of operating online has all the training you could ever want. Affiliate support like no other I’ve seen.  In my opinion It’s the best online training platform out there.

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A little PS here: The suggestions I made in this post are derived from my own experiences about how I took action to help me realize my visions and my needs. Your needs and vision may be different.  I hope I have given you some insight how you can achieve your goals for your retirement years. Don’t sell yourself short. We all have the ‘Want To’. We just need to take action.


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