A Lesson Not Learned

We are now into our fourth week of learning the new Affiliate Systems, the All-in- one platform for affiliate marketers or is it the fifth week. Doesn’t matter, they all run together. It has been a busy week. The last session was a very deep dive into the system’s internal settings and setting up the funnels, list building systems, ‘work flows’, emails and more. I must admit I was a little overwhelmed with all the info we needed to absorb. Not that I haven’t done this before, but that it has been a long time since I had done it last.

There were: 12 training videos in all. I attempted to do these in one day. Guess what? That wasn’t gonna happen. There is way too much to remember. After four hours I had to stop.

I picked it again in the afternoon and it felt better. I found there is a huge amount take in and the details needed my focus. As the day ticked by, I still couldn’t finish this series of training videos. It became apparent I will have to put it to bed for now and start up the next morning.

The next morning I got through it and I realized that… ”I’m gonna have to do this all over again”! Why? Because It seems I couldn’t remember what I did the day before…Now that’s an overwhelm.

Not to worry, it’s all ok. With the help of my mentor and advice from our Internet Profits FB community, I discovered I needed to slow down and get it right first and not just get through it, which is what I was doing.

The mantra we repeat frequently is not to rush your progress and to learn it the right way, at my own pace. A piece of advice that many new people ignore and as a result lose interest and ultimately say “it doesn’t work for me.”

I get it, it’s hard to buckle down and commit to a new system that you know is only going to be a big boost for you marketing business. In the past we had to jump between, building a blog on one place, then go to your funnel builder and build your funnel, then go to your autoresponder to set up your email list and emails to be sent at certain times. It’s a lot of hoops to jump through.

In the end though, I know all the features included inside this Affiliate Systems platform will make all the elements mentioned above come together and make it all seem effortless. Is it hard? At first, Yes. Is is worth it? Definitely. The more we do it, the easier it gets for sure. Like learning to ride a bicycle. The more you try to ride, the better you get.

This week’s lesson for me was not about the things we needed to learn about Affiliate Systems, It was more about how we learn or in this case, how I learn. I found that I was all about getting through the ‘home work’ Dean gave us to do. To impress who? Dean? That just wasn’t what this is all for. I know I have to slow the bus down and be conscious of what I am learning and do that with focus and determination with your goal in mind.

There is a whole bunch of facets to this new Affiliate Systems platform. Once we get through it and learn it, we will be all in a better place and poised to shoot to the top of our chosen online businesses.

As always, thanks for stopping by, leave a comment, Like it on FB. Let me know how you feel.

To the top for all of us.


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