What The Heck Am I Doing??

Hello again,

My wife and I just returned from a tremendous, fabulous, emotional, awestriken, phenomenal tour from Chicago, Ill. to Santa Monica, Ca. along the historical Route 66 on a motorcycle. I know what your saying… We’re crazy. Right?

We found it to be a trip of a lifetime, a bucket list thing.  We didn’t realize it was going to be all that. We thought it would be a great trip on a bike. We found out that not many do this type of trip and that it has become an badged accomplishment in the eyes of many when we talk about it.

This country has so much to see that is unique to the US. I really don’t feel the need to travel to any other country. It would take a lifetime to see all the wonderments scattered throughout the states. Pictures and conversation just doesn’t do it justice. It has to be experienced personally, IMHO. I’ll write more about this later.

Now that we’re back home, it’s time to slip back to reality and take stock of and re-examine how we are going to continue our retirement. I have in earlier blogs written about the why I do this and hope I bring some value and information to light that will help those who seek it.

I see that I have presented an assortment of issues and interesting articles that show how bad the situation is for those of us that are either retired, almost retired or thinking about your retirement. This alone is a daunting task, to plan, to save, to make sure your future will be secured financially and healthy. I have not offered up many suggestions as to what we can do to help realize a comfortable life after your career is over.

So let me start at the beginning where I have started to lock in my future. It may or may not be something you may be of interest to you. But it may give you some insight into what you may want to try to secure your future. Some value may come of this.

When I quit my job back in June 2018, I was not really ready to go into retirement. My wife still works at her business (Childcare). We’re working as we speak at her exit plan.

My job had become so restrictive we couldn’t take days off, only if you had good cause, maybe, or vacations without a six month notice and not more than a week at a time. After putting in 20 years I had accumulated 4 weeks. Three of those weeks were spent with our family, 1 week set aside for personal time. To put short, all our perks were slowly disappearing. Insurances were getting too expensive with less coverage while the company reduced their share of the premiums. You get the picture.

Previous to quitting my job, I had started to put some extra cash in my pocket by taking a part time evening job at the local home improvement store. I paid up some of my credit cards and then quit after about a year. This gave me some relief but nothing permanent. I was still looking for something, for that pie in the sky gig that was going to set me up for the rest of my life. A passive income.

It was about this time I was looking for money making opportunities on the internet, when I came across Affiliate Internet Marketing, or Direct Response Marketing. Being green at all this I joined a company and went in full speed ahead. They said if I do this, this and that, I wouldn’t have to worry about my income for the rest of my life. Just invest $4,000 with us and we’ll show you how it’s done. Well, in about a year I had “invested” a total of $40k and I had made $0.00 dollars. And to add insult to injury the FTC shut them down at the same time. So this was a complete disaster.

Now, I asked myself “What the Heck Am I Doing”? I just blew away a major portion of my nest egg that wasn’t all that large to start with and nothing to show for my efforts. What do I do Now?

At this point I understood I had been taken over the coals. What I honestly learned is that being in business, particularly on the internet can be dangerous and expensive. There are so many scammers and cheaters out there that it’s hard to find a true and honest company that wants to help you succeed.

To this day I still believe the Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. We just have to do our homework first and hook on to a reputable company. After all isn’t EBAY and Amazon, ETSY, and Pintrest or any online store a form of Affiliate Marketing. Heck, even Walmart has Affiliate Marketers on their website. So this shows us that Affiliate Marketing can be a prosperous venture.

The key to making it with Affiliate Marketing is that you must have a desire to help others solve a particular problem or issue. This is where finding the right company is critical. As of June this year I found a company in the UK, run by Dean Holland. He’s at the helm of “Internet Profits”. A company he founded in 2008. He pretty much started the way I and a lot of other folks did… Finding the worst companies first, learning what not to do and then becoming a leader in the industry.   You can read his story on his first blog from 2008 here. His story is somewhat similar to mine and a host of others who tried to make it online. The difference is he has a burning desire to do what was right and show others the correct way to run an Affiliate Marketing business online.

I became an Affiliate Marketer with Dean’s Internet Profits in June this year. Thirty days later I became a Certified Partner For Internet Profits. What he has done is tell me to forget everything I learned in the past and relearn how to market online step by step, inch by inch the correct way. He has discovered that we have been lied to for many years by promises of huge fortunes being made in just weeks and months. It’s gotten so bad that he had to write a book about it to reveal all those lies and misconceptions that has been hammered into our brain, to the point where

the internet has become a pile of trash. If we’re not careful it could very well  become a dumping ground of a truthless info medium. By introducing this new book The Affiliate Marketers Playbook” Dean reveals the truths and offers a solution through his company’s products that are geared to help so many people secure that elusive “Passive Income we all desire.

The good news is Dean is offering this new book ,FREE. Get A Copy Here.

Now that you know where I’m at. I would like to continue keeping you in the loop as to my progress. I want to share the ups and downs, the growing pains, the triumphs, the successes, the failures too, of this business. By doing so I hope to be giving you a birds eye view of what it’s like to be affiliate marketer helping others to get their dreams fulfilled. In doing that, I and my wife can book more motorcycle trips


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Lenny Boucher

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2 thoughts on “What The Heck Am I Doing??”

  1. Hi Lenny,

    I applaud your courage.

    Most people would have given up on their dreams if they lost 40k, too afraid to try again.

    Yet, you still continue charging ahead. I wish you all the best in your journey.