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I guess with all the research I’ve done to soften the “retirement, but not really retired” scenario and I may have fired my employer/boss a little prematurely.  There is still a need to pump up my income. What I found out and apparently so are a lot of other baby boomers that social (in)security is not going to do it for us. Big News, Right?

The warnings were all there. Back when I was in my twenties we were told to start an IRA. What? Save for retirement? Are you nuts? You know how far away that is? That’s at least 40 to 45 years from now.

You see what I’m saying here. We asked the wrong questions then. We should have asked… If I get started now, how much will I have in 40 years? Or how much will I need at retirement? We needed to be more proactive. But guess what? We weren’t. Why? I can’t answer that for you. We all have our excuses. I can only answer for myself.

I heard all the warnings and I even got involved with a company to help people start their own savings plans without costing them any money. It was an insurance company you may have heard of. Their motto was “Buy Term Ins. and Invest The Rest”

That’s just my story, of how I came to know how important it was to save. You know what? As the years crept by, that knowledge became faded because there were new things cropping up in my life. Like a wife, kids, sports, trips, education, it goes on and on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not blaming them, I had become unfocused about my savings plan. I let life get in the way. It’s all on me.  I needed to fix this.

I could go on and quote so many reports I see and read in the news feeds. These tell us of how the majority of baby boomers will not have nearly enough dough to even set the table to eat, let alone enough to survive retirement. I think I would be preaching to the choir on this. What I have done though, is discover that it’s never too late to cover your butt in retirement. You just have to do something about it.  This again is more of my WHY.

So as you know, I have been studying with Dean Holland and his associates  (see it here:  Dean Holland’s Internet Profits ).  I am in the middle of his thirty day program to get me to be able to make money online. I had a little experience for before this, and this has been a great refresher for me. The program is really designed for anyone with or without any knowhow in the online business arena. It starts out learning the basics then brings you all the way to publishing and advertising techniques to finally bring in some cash. A real comprehensive affiliate marketing training program, that I feel is the best.  All you need is your WHY and anything will be possible.

Today I am at step 25 with five to go and my business will be live.  I want to continue to give you progress reports to shed light on how it is not impossible to recover that retirement dream.

Stay Tuned, And Thanks For Stopping By,

TTYL, Lenny

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