Rich vs. Wealthy

Bag-O-Lottery Winnings

To most people, Being rich is the same as being wealthy. You know we say it all the time… “Boy, the Jones’ must be rich, they just bought an in ground pool, or, the Jones family must be wealthy they just took a trip around the world. The two terms seem to be synonymous. However this is bit of a misnomer.

Think Of Rich As Bag-O-Lottery Winnings

Rich people are motivated by money. They accumulate money through their jobs or from “old family money”. When the job stops, so does the money. When the family bank account is empty, they are broke. These folks tend to live paycheck to paycheck and worry whether their job will be there tomorrow. They do earn a lot of money in exchange for their time. They have high expenses because of the things they buy and the social status that goes with it. Being rich can often be a short term situation. We’ve all heard the stories of the lottery winners. One day their rich and six months later they’re in bankruptcy, Why? Because they haven’t learned how to keep or how to take care of it.

Think of Wealthy As A Fruit Basket Of Income Sources.

Think of Wealthy As A Fruit Basket Of Income Resources.

So instead of a steady diet of dipping into one money bag, you have a fruit basket of different ways to invest and develop income streams to make your basket/assets more full. The wealthy have financial security and extreme focus, they get their motivation from their dreams, passion, and purpose. They don’t need to worry about spending. They have developed the skills necessary to create a sustained income stream to support their lifestyle. They spend a lot of their time how to be financially educated, learning from the best. It’s not that being rich or wealthy is a bad thing, but being wealthy is just better. There is security in knowing that there’s enough cash flow to cover your months expenses. This allows you to sleep at night.

Teaching About Money, Not Found In Schools.

It all should start at the elementary level.  If  you ever have the chance, ask your child’s teacher, “Are you going to teach the class about money”?  They will just give you a blank stare or say they’re not. Mostly because they don’t know about how money works either. Today’s education system is ill equipped to provide such valuable lessons. Not me or my parents, or their parents, or their parents learned anything in school that helped them how to create a sustainable level of wealth for their families. Only the privileged population learned it, and they learned from their fathers and forefathers and not in any school. This type of knowledge should be in the public domain and there for the taking.

The education is out there. We just need to know where to find it. With today’s technology, Googling any financial term or ways to make extra money is just a click or swipe away. The problem is which one is the right one for you. At first you may find sites that promise a lot of “get rich quick schemes” But you’ll never see “Get wealthy quick schemes”. Because it takes time and effort to become wealthy, first you need a plan or have a blueprint to get started.

This was an area I was lacking. I knew what I wanted ( to become wealthy), but didn’t know where to start. Most of us are the same way. We hunger to be a success at our finances and provide an income for the rest of our lives and not have to worry about the next bill or repair or health scare. To be able to do what you want to do and not worry if you can afford it. Just Be Comfortable.

I found that starting a side business or side gig online as an affiliate marketer was a great way to get the ball rolling. It has small upfront cost, potential return is unlimited, depending how motivated you are. Easy to scale up, as this can develop into a full time gig with little input from you. This is where you can free up your time to spend as you wish and not at the Job.

I have a friend in this business, Dean Holland. He has become wealthy through his efforts to learn all he could from the very ones who are already wealthy. It is said, if you want to know how to get somewhere, find someone who has already been there, they know the quickest way. This is the same for anything we want in life. “Follow the leader” is not a kids game anymore, it’s essential and it’s a lifesaver. It’s the most efficient way to attain your goals. Dean is now sharing all the information he knows that made him wealthy through a VIDEO and a FREE BOOK he wrote about how to make it online. He’ll show you why typical online marketers aren’t making it in today’s online marketplace. He will also introduce to the new way to be successful with your online business and give you a “Blueprint” to get you up and running within 30 days. You owe it to yourself to take a look at this new way to start building your wealth and have a lifetime worry free.

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